About the book

 An innovative new book brings a dramatically different perspective to Bob Dylan’s lyrics

Understanding Bob Dylan: making sense of the songs that changed modern music by Tony Beck

Coinciding with Bob Dylan’s 70th birthday and about 150 days late (-:, thirst publications today announces the launch of a new book by acclaimed author Tony Beck, whose insights reveal a dramatically new perspective on the legendary poet singer Bob Dylan. Understanding Bob Dylan: making sense of the songs that changed modern music is now available from Amazon.com

A comprehensive analysis of Dylan’s songs, Understanding Bob Dylan is based on access to Dylan’s archive, his hand-written notebooks for Blood on the Tracks, and lyrics he wrote but which have never been recorded by Dylan or anyone else.

Understanding Bob Dylan explores the themes Dylan has used since his early days to the present to shape an extraordinary body of work. The book assesses the ways in which Dylan adapts and echoes some of the most powerful themes in modern western literature: his songs about love, sex and money; his attitude towards creativity and writing; his lyrics on the highway and boundaries; and his thoughts on time and memory.

Understanding Bob Dylan explains why Dylan’s songs have the power and grace to move us.  It’s the book that makes sense of the songs that changed modern music.

All proceeds from Understanding Bob Dylan will be donated to a society in India fighting against poverty and injustice.


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